1. Who we are

knvb.sport-auction.com is the auction portal for original sports goods and memorabilia. At knvb.sport-auction.com, you can find fantastic offers that will make the heart of any sports fan beat faster: as well as shirts, training products or framed and signed memorabilia.

2. Whom we target

All sports enthusiasts, football fans and collectors who are interested not only in ‘normal’ shirts but rather want to buy unique items and events at auction that are available exclusively at knvb .sport-auction.com.

3. What makes us stand out

The offer from knvb.sport-auction.com is guaranteed to be official!

Did you know that counterfeiting including of sports goods has been increasing at an alarming level for a considerable time? We say: cut the counterfeiting and plagiarism! You can rely on us.

With knvb.sport-auction.com, you can be certain that you are buying official KNVB product and no counterfeits. This is why no private offerscan be auctioned with us.

We work officially with KNVB, and all items are obtained directly from the federation – counterfeits are therefore excluded.